About Us

About Us KIF Doctors Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the present time, marijuana is emerging as the most pertinent herb in the medical sector. As per the recent reports from the researchers, marijuana has great medicinal properties which can cure many severe health conditions which have no cure in the medical industry. Many people even support the argument that government authorities should legalize marijuana in every state for medical purposes. Today, people have now put their trust in the medical-friendly approach of cannabis to treat various types of illnesses. At KIF doctors, we also encourage people to trust the use of cannabis in the medical field and want to encourage it all across the world. To do that, we provide medical marijuana cards in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to make the sourcing of medical cannabis easy for the patients. It is a legal right that approves the patients to purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries.

We have a strong and efficient team of doctors, researchers, health experts who will guide you throughout your training process, from your appointment till the time of your treatment. We know the capabilities of medical marijuana and how it can help people suffering from prolonged diseases heal back to their old lives. Thus, we provide top-notch, safe, and secure medical cannabis treatments. KIF Doctors also ensure the easy availability of an MMJ card to those who need medical cannabis for their treatment. All you have to do is get in touch with our experts, and the rest will be taken care of at KIF Doctors. We provide both offline and online consultations as per the patient’s convenience and needs.


Our Mission

Our ultimate goal is to create a safe and secure place for people living in Tulsa to provide essential cannabis treatment to everyone. We aim to educate people about the benefits of medical cannabis and how it can help them in improving their lifestyles. We also want people to adapt marijuana in a healthy way to fight back with some of the most severe health conditions. We strive to bring positive changes in the life of people by making them aware of the various uses of medical marijuana in the medical field.

We aim to create a safe atmosphere for the patients to interact with our doctors without any hesitation.

Our Vision

We want to take medical cannabis treatment to patients in need all across the world. We aim to make the sourcing of medical marijuana a hassle-free process with the help of an MMJ card. We want to offer our patients peace of mind and legal security at every step of their treatment.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have a highly efficient team of certified and licensed doctors who have received approval from top institutions worldwide. Our entire team works consistently to offer exceptional quality services to all our patients.
  • We also provide services at affordable rates so that it is easily accessible to everyone. Along with that, we also offer patients to purchase from our wide range of top-quality products at reasonable rates.
  • Our entire team assures you a 100% safe and sound atmosphere at our clinic. With us, you will be guaranteed of best quality services along with utmost safety throughout your treatment.
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